LUCY LOCK-IT = Lucy locket. Lucy; L name to go with the word locket.
def'n: Locket - A small ornamental case, often hinged, of gold, silver, etc., for holding a picture or a lock of hair.
def'n: Lock - Means of fastening doors, boxes, etc., consisting of a bolt and usually needing a key of special shape to open it.

SHUT UP SHIRLEY - Shirley; SH name to go with the phrase 'Shut up'.
def'n: Shut up - To shut the doors, windows, etc., of. informal. Stop talking; stop from talking.
def'n: Shut - Close by bringing parts together. To close.
MEG-A-VOLT = Megavolt.
def'n: Mega - One million.
def'n: Volt - The unit of electromotive force.
def'n: Voltage - Electromotive force expressed in volts. A current of high voltage is used in transmitting electric power of long distances.
CHARGED MARGE - Rhyme: The name Marge with the word charge(d).
def'n: Charged - Having eletric charge: the electron is a charged particle.
def'n: Charge - Give an electric charge to.
SPANKED HANK - Rhyme: The name Hank with the word spank(ed).
def'n: Spank - Strike, especially on the buttocks, with the open hand or a flat object. A blow with the open hand or a flat object; slap.
def'n: Spiky - Having spikes; set with sharp, projecting points. Having the shape of a spike.
GROOVY GREG - Greg: GR name to go with the word groovy.
def'n: Groovy - slang. First-rate; excellent; perfect.
def'n; Groove - A long narrow channel or furrow, especially one cut by a tool. Fashionable, up-to-date. Make a groove in.
COMBIN' HARRY = Combing hair.
def'n: Comb - Piece of metal, plastic, etc., with teeth, used to arrange the hair.
def'n: Hair - A fine, threadlike, pigmented growth from the skin of people and animals.
SHERI COLA = Cherry cola.
def'n: Cherry - A small, round, edible, juicy fruit. Cherry-flavored.
def'n: Cola - A carbonated soft drink flavored with the cola nut extract.
ALL NIGHT DINAH = All night diner.
def'n: All - The whole of.
def'n: Night - The time between evening and morning.
def'n: Diner - Person who is eating dinner. A restaurant.
HUNGRY IVAN = Hungry eye.
def'n: Hungry - Having a strong desire or craving.
def'n: Eye - The part of the body by which human beings and animals see; organ of light.
SY STY - Rhyme: The name Sy with the word sty.
def'n: Sty - A small, painful, inflamed swelling on the edge of the eyelid.
RAINY STORM = Rain storm.
def'n: Rain storm - Storm with much rain.
def'n: Storm - A strong wind with rain, hail, snow, or thunder and lightning.
LIGHTNING LINDA - Linda; L name to go with the word lightning.
def'n: Lightning - Flash of light in the sky caused by a discharge of electricity between clouds.
DENNY SAUR = Dinosaur.
def'n: Dinosaur - Any of two orders of extinct reptiles, some of enormous size, that dominated during the Mesozoic era.
RIP TILE = Reptile.
def'n: Reptile - Any of a class of cold-blooded vertebrates that usually have skin covered with dry horny plates or scales. Of or like a reptile.
QUENCHING QUINCY - Quincy; Q name to go with the word quench(ing).
def'n: Quench - Drown out; put out; water quenched the fire.
SQUIRTIN' BURTON - Rhyme: The name Burton with the word squirt(ing).
def'n: Squirt - Force out (liquid) through a narrow opening. Wet or soak by shooting liquid in a jet or stream. Come out in a jet or stream.
RIPPED FLETCH = Ripped flesh.
def'n: Rip - To tear or become torn apart. To split. To remove by pulling or tearing roughly. To remove quickly or violently.
def'n: Flesh - The soft outer-laying tissue of the body.
427b TAPED TATE - Semi-rhyme: The name Tate with the word tape(d).
def'n: Tape - A long, narrow, flexible strip of material, such as adhesive tape. To fasten, wrap, or bind with tape.
LOTTA LITTER = Lot(s) of litter.
def'n: Lot - A number of things, often lots. A large amount or number.
def'n: Of - From the total or group comprising.
def'n: Litter - Carelessly scattered scraps of waste material. To make untidy by discarding rubbish carelessly.
GARBAGE MOUTH GILBERT - Gilbert; G name to go wit te word garbage (mouth).
Garbage mouth - Slang term for 'potty mouth', 'dirty mouth, or 'filthy mouth'.
def'n: Garbage - Waste material. Worthless matter; trash.
def'n: Mouth - To put, take, or move around in the mouth. The opening through which a container is filled or emptied.
LAUNDRY MATT = Laundromat.
def'n: Laundromat - An establishment with washing machines and dryers.
def'n: Laundry - Soiled or laundered clothes. A place where laundering is done.
429a DRIP-DRY DRU - Dru: DR name to go with the term 'drip-dry'.
def'n: Drip - To fall or let fall in drops.
def'n: Dry - Free or freed from liquid or moisture.
TASTE BUD = Taste bud.
def'n: Taste bud - Any of numerous nests of cells on the tongue that are primarily responsible for the sense of taste.
SALIVATIN' SAL - Sal; S name that is part of the word salivate(+ing).
def'n: Salivate - To secrete or produce saliva.
def'n: Saliva - The watery fluid secreted into the mouth by the salivary glands.
POLLUTIN' NEWTON - Rhyme: The name Newton with the word pollute(+ing).
def'n: Pollute - To make impure or unclean; contaminate.
EMPTY HEAD JED - Rhyme: Then name Jed with the word (empty) head.
def'n: Empty - Containing nothing. To make or become empty.
def'n: Head - The upper or anterior bodily extremity.
PACKED MAC - Rhyme: The name Mac with the word pack(ed).
def'n: Pack - To stow luggage or belongings for transportation or storage. To crowd together tightly, cram. To compact firmly.
SUE CASE = Suitcase.
def'n: Suitcase - A rectangular and flat piece of luggage.
def'n: Case - A container or receptacle.
PORCELAIN LYNN - Semi-rhyme: The name Lynn with the word porcelain.
def'n: Porcelain - A hard, white, translucent ceramic. An object made of porcelain.
ARLENE LATRINE - Rhyme: The name Arlene with the word latrine.
def'n: Latrine - A communal toilet.
def'n: Toilet - A disposal apparatus used for urination and defecation.
HOLLY DAZE = Holidays.
def'n: Holiday - A day free from work, a day set aside to celebrate a particular event. A holy day. A vacation.
def'n: Daze - To stun or confuse. To dazzle.
JOYOUS NOEL = Joyous noel.
def'n: Noel - Christmas. A Christmas carol.
def'n: Joy - A feeling of great pleasure of happiness. A source of pleasure.
def'n: Joyous - Joyful.
LONDON BRIDGET = London Bridge (A bridge once located in London, England.)
def'n: Bridge - A structure spanning and providing a way across an obstacle.
TOXIC WES = Toxic waste.
def'n: Toxic - Poisonous. Of or caused by a poison or toxin.
def'n: Waste - A worthless or useless by-product; refuse. The undigested residue of food eliminated from the body.
SCALDIN' ALDEN - Rhyme: The name Alden with the word scald(ing).
def'n: Scald - To burn with or as with hot liquid or steam. To subject with boiling water. An injury caused by scalding. To wash with hot water.
STEAMY MIMI - Rhyme: The name Mimi with the word steam(y).
def'n: Steam - The vapor or phase of water. To expose to steam.
SLICED BRAD = Sliced bread (as in the saying 'That's the best thing since sliced bread').
def'n: Slice - A thin, broad piece cut from a larger object. To cut or divide with or as if with a knife.
def'n: Bread - A food made from flour, etc, kneaded and baked.
437b DEAD LEE = Deadly.
def'n: Deadly - Causing or capable of causing death. Suggesting death. To an extreme.
HALLIE WEEN = Halloween.
def'n: Halloween - October 31st, the eve of all saints day. All hallows eve.
TRICK OR TRICIA = Trick or treat (Halloween phrase for gathering candy).
def'n: Trick - A practical joke; prank.
def'n: Treat - Gift of food, drink, or amusement. Snack.
JACK SPLAT - Rhyme: The name Jack with the word splat.
def'n: Splat - A slapping noise.
ABSTRACT ART = Abstract art.
def'n: Abstract - In art, using forms or designs that have little or no connection with objective or observable reality.
def'n: Art - Works, such as paintings.
BERT SQUIRT - Rhyme: The name Bert with the word squirt.
def'n: Squirt - To eject. A liquid squirted.
FRITZIE ZITS - Rhyme: The name Fritzie with the word zit(s).
Slang for Acne, Pimple.
def'n: Acne - An inflammatory disease of the oil glands, characterized by pimples, especially on the face.
LOOSE LEIF = Loose leaf (non-notebook paper, not spiral).
def'n: Loose - Not fastened or secured. Not bound, packaged, or gathered together.
def'n: Leaf - One of the sheets constituting the pages of a book.
COMPOSITION BOOKER = Composition book.
def'n: Composition - The act or product of composing a literar or artistic work. A short essay.
def'n: Book - A written or printed literary work.
RUGGED ROY - Roy; R name to go with the word rug(ged).
def'n: Rug - A piece of heavy fabric (or fur) used to cover a floor.
def'n: Rugged - Having a rough, irregular surface. Tough.
BARE BARRY - Barry; similar sounding name as the word bare.
def'n: Bare - Without the usual or appropriate covering or clothing. Syns: bare, bald, naked, nude.
def'n: Bear - Any of various large mammals having a shaggy coat and a short tail. Bearskin, bear rug.
WET WHIT - Semi-rhyme: The name Whit with the word wet.
def'n: Wet - Covered, moistened, soaked, or saturated with a liquid, especially water. To make or become wet.
WEE-WEE WILLIE - Willie; W name to go with the word wee-wee.
def'n: Wee - Very small, tiny. Slang for pee or urine.
FAIRY TALE DALE - Rhyme: Then name Dale with the word (fairy) tale.
def'n: Fairy tale - A story about fairies. A fictitious fanciful story.
444b NOSE DRIP SKIP - Rhyme: The name Skip with the word (nose) drip.
def'n: Nose - The structure on the face that contains the nostrils.
def'n: Drip - To fall or let fall in drops. To shed drops.
445a COLETTE COLDCUT - Semi-rhyme: The name Colette with the word coldcut.
def'n: Cold cuts - Slices of assorted cold meats.
445b ELLIE DELI - Rhyme: The name Ellie with the word deli.
def'n: Deli - informal. A delicatessen. A shop that sells freshly prepared foods ready for serving.
446a MEAN MARLENE - Rhyme: The name Marlene with the word mean.
def'n: Mean - Low in social status. Lacking elevating human qualities, as kindness and good will; petty. informal. Ill-tempered. slang. Hard to cope with.
446b PUNK ROCKY = Punk rock.
def'n: Punk rock - A kind of music that is performed in a very loud, furious, and energetic style and whose songs often express violence and rudeness.
def'n: Punk - A young hoodlum. Poor or bad in quality.
447a GUSHING GARFIELD - Garfield; G name to go with the word gush(ing).
def'n: Gush - To emit or flow forth suddenly and violently.

DRAINED BLAINE - Rhyme: The name Blaine with the word drain(ed).
def'n: Drain - To make or become empty or dry. A pipe or channel by which liquid is drained off; flow off by gradual process.

448a TOUCH TONI = Touch tone.
Touch tone phone - A phone with buttons and a touch-tone dial.
def'n: Touch - To put the hand, finger, or some other part of the body on or against.
def'n: Tone - Any sound considered with reference to its qaulity, pitch, strength, source, etc.
448b PHONEY JONI - Rhyme: The name Joni with the word phoney.
def'n: Phoney or Phony - Not genuine, counterfeit; fake.
def'n: Phone - informal. Telephone.
449a BERT FOOD = Bird food.
def'n: Bird - Any of a class, Aves, of warm-blooded vertebrates that lay eggs, have a body covered with feathers, two legs, and the forelimbs modified to form wings.
def'n: Food - Anything that animals or people eat or drink for growth.
449b GUTSY GUS - Semi-rhyme: Then name Gus with the word gutsy.
def'n: Gutsy or Gutty - slang. Full of guts; bold.
def'n: Gut - intestines, stomach. slang. Courage.
450a IKE SPIKE - Rhyme: The name Ike with the word spike.
def'n: Spike - A large, heavy nail. To impale, pierce, or injure with a spike.
450b MASON MACE - Macon; similar sounding name as the word mace.
def'n: Mace - A heavy medieval war club with a spiked metal head.
451a DESTROYED LLOYD - Rhyme; The name Lloyd with the word destroy(ed).
def'n: Destroy - To ruin completely; demolish. To kill.
451b TINSEL TIM - Semi-rhyme: The nameTim with the word tinsel.
def'n: Tinsel - Very thin sheets, strips, or threads of a glittering material used as a decoration.
452a IMPALED GAIL - Rhyme: The name Gail with the word impale(d).
def'n: Impale - To pierce with or as if with a sharp point. To torture or kill by impaling.
452b MAGIC WANDA = Magic wand.
def'n: Magic - The art of controlling natural events, effects, or forces by invoking charms, spells, etc.
def'n: Wand - A rod used by a magician, diviner, or conjurer.
453a DEAD END KIT = Dead end kid (as in the phrase 'dead end' job - going no-where).
def'n: Dead end - A passage that is closed at one end. An impasse.
def'n: Kid - slang. A child.
453b SLIDIN' CLYDE - Rhyme: The name Clyde with the word slide(+ing).
def'n: Slide - To move or cause to move over a surface while maintaining continuous contact. To slip or skid.
454a LYNCHED LYNDON - Semi-rhyme: The name Lyndon with the word lynch(ed).
def'n: Lynch - To execute, especially to hang, without due process of law.
454b BRUCE NOOSE - Rhyme: The name Bruce with the word noose.
def'n: Noose - A loop formed in a rope by means of a slipknot so that it binds tighter as the rope is pulled.
455a CHARRED COLE = Charcoal.
def'n: Charcoal - A black, porous carbon-containing material produced by the destructive distillation of wood and used as a fuel, a filter, and an absorbent.
def'n: Char - To scorch or become scorched. To reduce or be reduced to charcoal by incomplete combustion.
455b DEVILED EGBERT = Deviled egg (Fancily prepared eggs).
def'n: Devil - A demon or similar evil spirit. A wicked or destructively mischievous person. An unfortunate person, wretch.
456a SPLIT CORD = Split cord.
def'n: Split - To divide, especially into lengthwise sections. To break, burst, or rip apart with force. Rip violently; tear.
def'n: Cord - A string or small rope of twisted strands or fibers.
456b WILLIAM WON'T TELL = William Tell.
def'n: Tell, William - Legendar hero in the Swiss struggle for independence against Austria.
def'n: Won't - Will not.
457a SALLY SUCTION - Sally; S name to go with the word suction.
def'n: Suction - The act or process of sucking.
457b TEETHIN' TRINA - Semi-rhyme: The name Trina with the word teethe(+ing).
def'n: Teethe - To grow or cut one's teeth.
458a DENTAL HY GENE = Dental hygiene.
def'n: Dental - Of or for the teeth. Of or for a Dentist's work.
def'n: Hygiene - Science that deals with the maintenance of health.
458b RUDY CANAL = Root canal.
def'n: Root canal - Passage in the root of a tooth through which nerves and vessels pass to the pulp.
459a VOMITED = Vomit(ed).
def'n: Vomit - Expel the contents of the stomach through the mouth; throw up what has been eaten. Come out with force or violence. The act of vomiting.
459b JUICY JULES - Jules; J name to go with the word juicy.
def'n: Juicy - Full of juice; having much juice.
def'n: Juice - Fluid in the body. The gastric juices of the stomach that help to digest food.



























































































































Definitions taken from: The American Heritage Dictionary.